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I'm Divanise Salto

Specialized in Astrological Study, Astral Chart and Tarot

I'm here to help you get to know your essence through Psychoastrology and awareness of your potentials through your Astral Chart and Tarot.

These sessions deal with your feelings  helping you resolve current issues in your life.

It is possible to change your trajectory for the better.

Don't leave everything to chance, find the information you're looking for about your family, love life, relationships, money, career, health and much more.


Rua Padre João Manuel, 222 room 137

Cerqueira César - São Paulo 

Cell phone and Whatsapp:55 11 99989-6574

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Divanise Salto


I'm Flávia Goldenberg

Specialized in Systemic Coach and Genetic Radiesthesia.

Enthusiastic, authentic and genuinely friendly, Flavia radiates a sincere passion for delivering high-value, positive-impact services to her clients, both in the corporate world and in their personal lives. Each client, at their own pace, will shift their energetic frequency in a more balanced way and reveal patterns and beliefs beneath the surface. In doing so, the patterns will be viable. Natural systemic intelligence will flow freely, allowing them to achieve goals and thrive.  Flávia is internationally recognized as a  Systemic Coach and Genetic Radiesthetist.


Opening hours
Monday to Friday / 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Cell phone and Whatsapp:+ 1 786 953-3104

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flavio goldeberg - constelação genetica - coach
Flávia Golenberg
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