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Our life is made of daily choices

When we work with Radiesthesia and Radionics, we are learning to use energy in our favor, and in favor of the universe.

Conheça Adriana Maior

Meet Adriana Maior

Reference in Radiesthesia and Radionics since 2013

Graduated in Genetic Radiesthesia in 2013 and invited to join the Student Training Team in the Technique in 2015, Agricultural Radiesthesia in 2019 in Barcelona, Acupuncture and Reiki, Adriana Maior has been studying topics related to Quantum Energies, Holistic Therapies, Self-knowledge for over 15 years. and Physiotherapy.    From a young age, he was interested in understanding how our thoughts shape who we are and create the reality in which we live. From these questions he comes into contact with the first contents in the search of self-knowledge, and this search would be the key to making the decision to leave behind a successful career in the corporate world, working in Commercial and as an ADM leader, and starting a new journey with soul to create work that fulfills its purpose : Radiesthesia and Radionics. Since then, he has dedicated all his energy to delivering to the world through Radiesthesia and Radionica the reconnection with this internal wisdom of naturally seeking what is balancing for us.

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Radionica usos

Radionics and Radiesthesia
in several areas

Real Estate, Buying, Selling, Renting and Construction

Emotional and Endocrine Balance

Prosperity and Growth

Development of Personal Skills

Work and Professional Growth

Difficult Times 


I had a house that had been for sale for over 7 years and despite my efforts, no interested parties showed up. I found out about genetic radiesthesia for the sale of properties and despite knowing little about it, I decided to invest. To my surprise, interested people began to appear and within 6 months the sales contract was signed. I am very satisfied and recommend genetic dowsing for the sale of properties.

Alexander Ellwanger – Porto Alegre


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