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Genetic Radiesthesia

The Genetic Radiesthesia Technique, designed by Patrícia Bortone, has a different concept of organization and work, as it is a complete technique, which includes all the possible causes of disease origins, ranging from a physical cause to disorders caused by these patients' ancestors. and external influences that interfere with the health of properties, crops and animals.

The greatest characteristic of the technique is that we take into account non-conventional or commonly found causes, a bottle of alcohol for example, can even cause cirrhosis in an individual even if they have never drunk anything that justifies it, a tattoo, a piercing, a scar, the food energy and much more.

The graphics and work system are completely personalized, there is no radionic table, no equipment but the combination of graphics that add up and form different energies with each movement.   Property Neutralization carried out with Genetic Radiesthesia provides the blocking for a certain period of time of the negative influences that make this property sick, making life difficult for people who frequent it, including interfering with the sale or marketing of this property.

Adriana Maior Genetic Radiesthesia
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