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Radionics and Radiesthesia

Radionics is not magic, nor religion or esotericism. It is a method of personal development and diverse applications based on the principles of quantum physics and the use of bioenergetic techniques. Radiesthesia is the science that captures feelings, Radionics decodes this energy and treats it.  For treatments  They work together, for research and in some cases, they work together or separately.

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Sale and Purchase of Properties

Illness, insomnia and difficulty thriving are the most common complaints heard from clients. After neutralization, residents see major changes in their lives, both emotionally and materially. Also facilitating processes of buying, selling, renovating properties and furniture.

Emotional, Endocrine Balance and Weight Loss

It has programs for general energy balance, for good mood and anxiety, to work on the neurological system, the endocrine system and weight loss, among many others, always at a vibrational level. It does not interfere with conventional treatments that the person may be following on the advice of their doctor.

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Prosperity and Finance

We can work on a general level or a specific level. This way we could seek to improve the general aspect of the economic situation or one or more specific aspects (increase in sales, customers, sales volume, etc.). When the vibration changes, circumstances can evolve in the desired direction.

Development of Personal Skills

This progress will depend on each subject and can occur at different levels: greater interest in the activity, renewed desire to dedicate time to that activity, emergence of different opportunities to develop the skill, direct increase in potential or the possibility of the appearance of articulations that facilitate the process of improvement.

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Work and Professional Growth

Energy reprogramming of company environments can improve relationships between team members and customers, and also reduce health issues among employees. Not to mention the possible beneficial effects on the company's profit and success.

Hard times

 Dowsing and Radionics offers the possibility of improving one's own abilities, intervening positively in our thoughts, influencing adverse circumstances, establishing objectives to achieve them, recovering and maintaining well-being and accessing the options of interest within each environment, no matter how negative they seem. at first sight.

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